Tour of the Seven Lucky Gods (Shichifukujin) on Mar 24 (Sat)

February 07, 2018

Enjoy a stroll while visiting the Seven Lucky Gods (Shichifukujin, 七 福神) . Ningyocho is famous for its seven Lucky Gods shrines, some of them very beautiful and all of them well-tended as they are very much alive in the hearts of the people in the neighbourhood. Please see flyer for more details! &n

Japanese Cooking Class on Mar 10 (Sat)

February 07, 2018

If you love eating Japanese food, join us to learn how to cook some Japanese dishes! Please see flyer for details!

Intercultural Mothers Chatting Salon on Mar 6 (Tue)

February 07, 2018

This is a salon for mothers who want to chat, exchange information, share various worries and troubles, and learn more. There are staff who can speak English, Chinese, and Korean, so it’s a particularly good opportunity for non-Japanese mothers to come and ask Please see flyer for more details!