港区にある 日本語教室の リスト(Japanese Language Classes in Minato City)

April 02, 2021

港区(みなとく)にある 日本語教室(にほんごきょうしつ)の リストです。 わからないときは、 教室(きょうしつ)か 港区国際交流協会(MIA)に 聞いてください。 This list introduces Japanese Language classes offered by non-profit groups in Minato City. Please contact the specific organization or MIA for further information. 港区の 日本語教室(Japanese Language Classes in Minato City)

港区主催 日本語教室・日本語サロン(Japanese Classes and Nihongo Salon hosted by Minato city)

April 01, 2021

詳細や申込は「港区で日本語を学ぼう!Let’s learn Japanese in Minato-ku!」をご覧ください。 For more details, please refer to “港区で日本語を学ぼう!Let’s learn Japanese in Minato-ku!”.

MIA news of “KAWARABAN” for September edition has been uploaded.

September 05, 2021

MIA news of “KAWARABAN” for September edition has been uploaded. Please feel free to check it out!

Event information has been updated.

September 01, 2021      

“Minato City Foreign Restaurant Support” by MIA volunteer group

August 19, 2021

★Apply for Infection spread prevention cooperation fund for shortening business hours (for implementation from May 12 to June 20)! See details at websites below: <For SMEs> <For large companies>