English Course

MIA offers volunteer interpreter training and volunteer translator training courses with the goal of acquiring the English-language skills necessary for serving as a volunteer interpreter or translator.

Volunteer Interpreter Training Course: Brush-up English-Language Course (intermediate level, intermediate/advanced level, and advanced level)
This is a class to train volunteer interpreters for foreigners living overseas or in Japan. Participants practice explaining Japanese culture and social phenomena in English as a way to polish their conversation skills, while at the same time becoming accustomed to English spoken in different parts of the world to improve their listening skills and vocabulary necessary to stay current with the latest news.

Volunteer Translator Training Course: Let’s Translate!
By practicing translation from Japanese to English and from English to Japanese, the basic grammar skills necessary for translation are reinforced. Additionally, studying the themes and backgrounds of the context in which each word is used comprehensively polishes vocabulary and expression skills necessary for translation.

English-Language Courses Currently Recruiting Students