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Precautions regarding smoking outdoors Cell phone use etiquette Sending packages

In Japan, the law forbids juveniles (under twenty years of age) to drink alcohol and smoke tobacco. Additionally, do not under any circumstances carry, use or sell dangerous drugs or marijuana. The penalties are extremely harsh.

Precautions regarding smoking outdoors

A Minato City ordinance outlaws smoking and the disposal of cigarette butts in all outdoor public places (meaning all city streets, parks, playgrounds, public open spaces and other places designed for public use). Smoke only in designated smoking areas, where ashtrays are available.

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Cell phone use etiquette

  1. Put your phone on vibrate mode inside trains and buses, and refrain from engaging in phone conversations. Turn off your phone when near the priority seats.
  2. Take into consideration those around you before using your phone in libraries, theaters, cinemas, restaurants and hotel lobbies
  3. Using a cell phone while riding a bicycle or driving a car is illegal. The maximum fine for breaking the law is 50,000 yen.

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Sending packages

In Japan, small packages can be mailed using the post office or a private delivery service. To send packages by mail, go to the post office. To use a private delivery service, bring the packages to a convenience store or the like and follow the procedures there. There are limitations to the types of packages that can be sent as well as their size and weight, so check beforehand. If no one is at home when a package is delivered, the delivery person will leave a notice. Follow the instructions on the notice to have the package delivered.

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