港区主催 日本語教室・日本語サロン(Japanese Classes and Nihongo Salon hosted by Minato city)

April 01, 2021

詳細や申込は「港区で日本語を学ぼう!Let’s learn Japanese in Minato-ku!」をご覧ください。 For more details, please refer to “港区で日本語を学ぼう!Let’s learn Japanese in Minato-ku!”.

MIA news of “KAWARABAN” for December edition has been uploaded.

December 01, 2023

MIA news of “KAWARABAN” for December edition has been uploaded. Click here!

Event information has been updated.

December 01, 2023      

A Gathering: Let’s talk about Minato City Public Elementary Schools

November 14, 2023

We are hosting a few small gatherings to go through “the Guidance for Those Thinking about Enrolling in Minato City Municipal Elementary Schools” together for parents/guardians with foreign roots. The languages are English, Chinese, and simple Japanese. For more details, please see this page.