Joining the MIA

We Are Recruiting Members!

The Minato International Association primarily operates on subsidies provided by Minato City as well as on the annual fees from members.
The annual fees are as follows. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. (Nonresidents of Minato City can become members.) For more information, please ask the MIA Office.

After joining the association, you will receive monthly notifications of meetings for the planning and execution of various services and activities. Please feel free to participate in the programs.
In addition, information on volunteer activities, such as serving as a host for homestay programs for foreign residents, recruiting of executive committees for various events, and requests to write for the public relations bulletin, are included in the MIA newsletter. We hope that you will take the initiative to participate in these programs as well.

Annual Fees

Individual member ¥3,000
Family member ¥5,000
Group member ¥15,000
Corporate member ¥30,000
Student member ¥1,500

Membership Procedures

After completing the application form with the required information, please submit it to the association by e-mail, fax, or postal mail (mailing address written below).
Note: Applications for student members must come with a copy of the student's ID card.

Please pay the annual membership fee at the same time.

  • For those who requested information from the MIA Office, please pay the annual fee with the enclosed invoice at your local post office.
  • You can also pay at any Mizuho Bank. Mizuho Bank, Gaien-mae Branch Office (no. 319)
    Account no.: 1599607
If you have any questions, please call the MIA Office.