Greetings from the Chairperson

兼高 かおる

Minato City is fortunate to have many opportunities to interact with people of different cultures, a result of the more than 70 embassies located in Minato, the many foreign residents and visitors. The experience of cultural and personal exchanges will remain embedded in our hearts. The association's mission is to encourage the creation of these opportunities that we can cherish. We hope that you will take part in achieving the City's slogan to "develop a community that invites interaction with the world."

Kaoru Kanetaka
Chairperson, Minato International Association

Greetings from the Chief Director

兼高 かおる

Current information technologies enable us to shorten the distance between countries, regions and people at a pace so rapid it is difficult to comprehend. The idea "Think globally, Act locally" resonates clear and close to us today. I sincerely hope that Association members unite their hearts with flexible ideas to implement their activities.

Yoshiya Mikami
Chief Director, Minato International Association