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  • [Within Minato City / City walking / Japanese culture / Disaster prevention/safety in everyday living / Everyday living / Environment]

    English walking tour by a Minato City Volunteer Tour Guide

    • July 21 (Sat), Course A: 12:40-15:00, Course B: 13:10-15:30 / August 4 (Sat), Course C: 9:10-11:30, Course D: 9:40-12:00
    • Free (except for course A&C, where each participant is required to pay ¥150 for the entrance fee of Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden)
    • Elementary school students and older who can walk the entire route
    • 20 people for each course (Decided by lottery)
    • Go to the web-site of Minato Travel & Tourism Association ( and click "Volunteer Guided Tour" on the upper right side. Click the course of your choice to go to the entry form. We accept reservations until July 8 (Sun) for courses A&B and until July 22 (Sun), for courses C&D.
    • Minato City Volunteer Tour Guide Office Tel: 03-6452-8666 (9:00- 13:00 on weekdays) / Tourism Policy Subsection, Industry Promotion Section Tel: 03-3578-2552
    • Let's enjoy cruising along the Tokyo Bay and walking around the waterside

      Course A,C (Walking and cruising): Meet at the JR Hamamatsucho station→Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden(entrance fee ¥150 is necessary)→Get on the Shin Tokyo Maru boat at Takeshiba Pier Boat Terminal and cruise along the Tokyo Bay→The tour ends after getting off the boat at Aomi Ferry Terminal.
      Course B,D (Cruising and walking): Meet at the Takeshiba Pier Boat Terminal→Get on the Shin Tokyo Maru boat and cruise along the Tokyo Bay→Get off the boat at Aomi Ferry Terminal→Walk around Odaiba area→The tour ends at Aqua City

  • [Within Minato City / Japanese culture]

    The 23rd Shinbashi Koichi Matsuri

    • July 26 (Thu) and 27 (Fri), 2018
    • Open to all
    • Office of Shinbashi Koichi Matsuri Tel: 03-5537-6115
    • ◇SL Plaza in front of the Shinbashi station
       Around New Shinbashi Building (stage/shops) 12:00-21:00
      ◇Sakurada site (Bondance/shops) 15:00-21:00
      ◇Karasumori Street and Yanagi Street (stalls and traditional games) 15:00-20:30
      ◇New Shinbashi Building Terrace on the 4th floor (Beer Garden) 17:00-21:00

  • [Outside of Minato City / Everyday living]

    Free Consultation for Foreign Residents (Nishitokyo City)

    • August 25 (Sat), 2018, 13:00 -15:30
    • Free
    • Nishitokyo Citizen Hall (Seibu Shinjuku line Tanashi station)
    • Open to all
    • Everyone can come.
    • No reservation required.
    • Event fliers
    • Nishitokyo City Living, Cultural and Sports Division, Cultural Promotion Section Tel: 042-438-4040
    • There will be a consultation day for foreign residents in Japan. Professionals together with volunteer interpreters will provide consultation for: legal issues such as visa, residence status, international marriage/divorce, and accidents; labor-related issues such as salary and dismissal; issues on health insurance/unemployment insurance/pension; issues on education and access to higher education; issues on shopping and problems concerning contracts; problems related to accommodation; other problems.
      Legal specialists (lawyers) and English, Chinese, and Korean interpreters will be present. As for other specialists and languages, please ask the organization. No reservation required. Free of Charge. All the information you provide is strictly confidential.

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